Class Details

Training Method

We train using 1 part correction and 2 parts praise. The "correction" is a yank on a training collar after careful instruction. The "praise" rewards and works with the dog's natural desire to please. Please view the Handler's Manual for more details under Brochures

Our Curriculum

Your dog will learn to obey the following commands, with hand signals, on and off leash:

  • HEEL – To walk calmly at your left side, pacing himself to your speed, enjoying the scenery, but paying attention to you.
  • AUTOMATIC SIT – To automatically sit at the heel position when you stop.
  • SIT – To sit instantly on one command.
  • DOWN – To lie down instantly, either near you or from a distance, on one command.
  • STAY – To stay in a sitting, lying or standing position on one command.
  • COME – To come instantly on one command.
  • FINISH – To heel and sit at your left on one command.
  • STAND FOR EXAM – To stand motionless while being examined on one command.

Behavior problems such as jumping up, biting, chewing, digging, barking, fighting, separation anxiety, etc. are addressed in class.
Your dog must be at least 6 months old and we recommend that he is current on all vaccinations.

Obedience Class Schedule - Winter Spring Summer and Fall of 2022

Please enroll by choosing your first and second choice class.

Each date/time listed below is a separate class and each class will meet once a week for 2 hours for 9 weeks, starting on that date and meeting weekly at that time. Covid status could affect class schedule, which is why I have also decided to offer ZOOM classes . . kind of crazy, but these are crazy times. . .but I think it might even be a GREAT time to train your dog!! =)


Winter Session 2022 - ZOOM meeting class for students from everywhere!! **
NEW!!! ZOOM Class for students anywhere!!* (*some restrictions apply, see asterisk below.)
*ZOOM beginning
Sunday January 16th 3-5pm Mountain Time

Spring Session 2022 - Idaho

Saturday March 26               9 am - 11 am in Twin Falls
                                                   12 pm - 2 pm in Twin Falls
                                                   4 pm - 6 pm in Hailey

*ZOOM beginning

Sunday March 27th 3-5pm Mountain Time - on your computer!

Summer Session 2022 - Alaska


Sunday June 5th                  1 pm - 3 pm in Anchorage
                                                 4 pm - 6 pm in Anchorage
                                                 7 pm - 9 pm in Anchorage

Monday June 6th                 12 noon - 2 pm in Palmer
                                                 4 pm - 6 pm in Anchorage
                                                 7 pm - 9 pm in Anchorage

Tuesday June 7th                  7 pm - 9 pm in Seward
 Wednesday June 8th          4 pm - 6 pm in Kenai
 Thursday June 9th               6 pm - 8 pm in Homer


*ZOOM beginning

Thursday June 9th              3 pm - 5 pm Alaska Time - on your computer!

Fall Session 2022 - Idaho


Saturday August 20th               9 am - 11 am in Twin Falls
                                                    12 pm - 2 pm in Twin Falls
                                                    4 pm - 6 pm in Hailey

*ZOOM beginning

Sunday August 21st               3 pm - 5pm Mountain Time - on your computer!


* for students in Boise, Idaho area, please see April at and for students in the Idaho Falls, Idaho area, please see Sarah at
** If you are skeptical about the effectiveness of a Zoom class, I am willing to invite you to Week 1 for FREE . . . and if you are happy with it, and want to continue, you can pay me before Week 2!! If you want to attend, please enroll so I can send you the pre class email instructions, and so that you will be ready for Week 1!

All classes are FULL when 30 students are enrolled, and I will likely cancel any class if enrollment is less than 20 students. I will reply to your registration by email, and then I will contact you again before classes begin, by email and a phone call. This is serious training so please only enroll if you are committed! 

Please pre-register for the class you want, and please also choose a 2nd option, just in case your 1st choice class is FULL. When you register, please also email me a photo of you and your dog, so I can begin learning your names, and so I can make a name badge/lanyard for you! You may pay the first class, mail a check, or use paypal when you register. 

Once classes begin, all students are allowed to attend a different class time, if needed, each week. Ideally I want all students to have perfect attendance, so I encourage you to mix class times and "class hop" to accommodate schedule conflicts that arise now and then! You are also welcome to attend as many classes as week as you want for more practice with your dog!!

Thank you for investing your time, effort and money into this amazing training program. It is a wise investment that pays wonderful returns! You and your dog will learn to enjoy the freedoms of OFF leash reliability and your bond will be even greater!!

I look forward to helping you!!

Stephanie and Belle

Other Training Services

In addition to our Obedience Class, we also offer Puppy Classes and Aggression Problem Solving. See our Brochures section for more information.



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