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Our training programs really work! Click here to read an article that was published in the Times-News (the local newspaper in Twin Falls, ID) on August 8, 2010. This story demonstrates the truely life-changing results of Scotch Pines Dog Training.

Feedback about Stephanie & Belle's Dog Training Class

"Great course! If people do the work, it definitely works for them. You were well prepared and did a great job with the different personalities in the class (dog and people =) )." - Rachel, Winter 2010

"Stephanie, your teaching style results in incredible results." -Anonymous

"I have already recommended this course to others, emphatically! I used to be a strong advocate of training with treats, but this training method is much more effective! This training method meshes perfectly with the canine psyche-the dogs learn as they would in the wild." -Anonymous

"Stephanie, you are a natural born teacher. Most of my career was as a special education teacher, and Scotch Pines follows many of the techniques we use...start with a base and build on that with praise, praise, PRAISE!" -Janet & Maggie

"You said that 'children who are well behaved are liked by others and get more privileges, it is the same with dogs.' I totally agree. I have told everyone how happy I was with your class and how much work you put into it to make it worth the time and money." -Anonymous

"Would I recommend this course to others? YES, BIG TIME, YES! Because everybody should know how to teach their dogs. It empowers you to know what to do in any situation...and of course love and enjoy your dog so much more!" -Marie

"The best things I learned from this course is to be able to control my dog, trust my dog with confidence and basic commands, and to be able to understand my dog. Not only were my expectations met, but the class, techniques, Stephanie's attitude, etc. exceeded my expectations!" -Anonymous


These are just a few of the references available from pet professionals who would recommend Scotch Pines Dog Training, Specializing in Off-Leash Obedience.

"I have seen graduates from other obedience classes, and there is no comparison. Scotch Pines is the only school I will recommend to our clients." - Julia Bowen, Kindness Small Animal Center

"As a veterinarian I highly recommend Scotch Pines Dog Training. A bond of loyalty is created by the humane training methods." - Dr. Swane, Pet Haven Veterinary Clinic

"The training methods of Scotch Pines are serious, but not harsh or inhumane. Many dogs’ lives have been saved because of the training methods Scotch Pines recommends." - Jan Zimmerman, Director Canyon County Animal Shelter

"I have come to rely heavily on Scotch Pines for both behavioral counseling and obedience training. I recommend them to my clients because I see excellent results.' - Dr. Wethered, Ewing Animal Hospital

"Scotch Pines Dog Training is well known and highly recommended by this department." - Bud Reifsnyder, Fruitland Chief of Police

"Scotch Pines courses are informative and fun. Best of all, they produce tremendous results." - Dr. Norman, Ontario Animal Hospital

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