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Thank you for considering Scotch Pines Dog Training. We are the largest dog training school in Idaho and we train for serious obedience. We have expanded our territory to include Twin Falls, Burley, Hailey and Ketchum, as well as in Alaska, Anchorage, Palmer, Seward, Soldotna and Homer. Your dog will progress from kindergarten to graduation in 9 weeks and class is held once a week for two hours. We look forward to watching you succeed with this incredible training program. It is amazing! Our trainers, Stephanie and Belle will be instructing classes in Idaho in the spring and fall, and in Alaska during the summer. Please see our class schedule and brochures for details.

Man's Best Friend


Imagine strolling through a meadow while your dog romps in the sunshine! A rabbit bolts and your dog starts after it. You give a one word command and he wheels around, bounding cheerfully back to your side. You heel him calmly at your left side and when you stop, he automatically sits. You tell him to lie down and stay while you walk off to investigate something. You give him a release command and he is back to frolicking during your outing together…you have full confidence that your dog is under your complete control.


No food treats. No shock collar. No whistles. No panic. No leash. No kidding!

Does that sound like fiction to you? It could be your story! Our obedience program is truly amazing! We will patiently and strategically, bring you and your dog from Kindergarten to Graduation in 9 weeks.

At Scotch Pines, we believe that true obedience must extend beyond the 6 foot leash. Gates get left open, leashes slip, and even in your own backyard. REAL LIFE is off-leash. Our goal is to instill off-leash reliability, regardless of the distractions. To test our training, we bring a rabbit, goat, raw hamburger, and cat food to class. Your dog’s greatest distraction is other dogs, so a group class, with up to 30 dogs and handlers, provides an ideal setting for him to learn to listen to YOU no matter what the circumstances. We train for serious obedience, but you and your dog will have fun. It requires hard work and perseverance but the reward is incredible! 9 weeks is a short time compared to the life of your dog! If you love your dog make the commitment to help him live up to his potential as an obedient, trustworthy companion

Give your dog the gift of training!

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